Why do you need to Polish your new car

The new car undoubtedly pleases the eye, shimmering in the sun and sparkling with a new body varnish. To prolong such a moment, it is not enough just to treat the car carefully. You need to take care of the car from the moment of its purchase! And the first thing that needs to be done is to Polish the body. Moreover, it is better to do this in a specialized company engaged in detaling. And why to do this and what kind of polishing to choose now I will tell you. There are several arguments in favor of polishing the body : Great view and easy access to a special product. This way you can quickly and cheaply Polish the body, unlike when buying a new set from an office supplier. The absence of tools. You will need a polishing paste and a drill with a special tool. You will need to work with extremely thin layers of varnish, so as not to scratch the paintwork. The drill has a very low temperature, and if you do not do this, then there is a risk of burning the varnish. The damage will be minimal, since the surface of the body will not be affected by the rays of the sun. High-quality and safe Although the car will not be covered with a protective coating, the body will be protected from ultraviolet radiation (UV), which is harmful to human skin. The paintwork will not be affected by cosmic rays, which can damage the paintwork. The procedure can be performed at home, with the addition of a couple of sheets of foam $5 . or $10 . It is enough to spend at least an hour in the garden, and preferably a full day, preferably two days, but it is better to spend less, and then produce a high-quality result. I hope that my advice will be useful. You think the article is useful – and SHARE it with your friends in the social network!